Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention; Miriam Wasserman bas yblc"t Shneir Zalmen was an unforgettable woman with a lofty neshama. She touched strangers, friends and family alike.Her smiling and shining face lit up her hospital room even during the most difficult periods of her illness. While undergoing many painful treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and two bone marrow transplants over the course of 5 years Miriam's vibrant simchas hachaim continued to inspire others.

One of Miriam's many outstanding characteristics was her intense devotion to tznius.Even while on a respirator for three long years or confined to her hospital bed in intensive care for many months attached to numerous tubes and machinery she continued to do as many Mitzvos as her failing body would allow.

The crumpled and faded hospital gowns were cut short with short sleeves - standard issue for a hospital ward. But for Miriam, a true Bas Melech,these gowns upset her more than the treatments. "Mommy, please cover me with a towel," she would ask before allowing other guests to visit.Many Rabbis and male entertainers visited her to cheer her up and she wanted to give them the opportunity to do Bikur Cholim, but not at the expense of her tznius. Her mother, Mrs. Chanie Gertner was inspired. She sat down at her sewing machine and created a tasteful, tznius hospital gown for her daughter to wear.

The Gertner Family has now undertaken as a zechus l'ilui Miriam's neshama to make available to the public a hospital gown gemach and to sell them on request to honor her lofty memory. These tzniusdige gowns are suitable for all frum patients. Whether they are needed for maternity use, surgery or for when one is on an I.V. and cannot wear her own clothes, Modest Hospital Gowns are the way for a Bas Melech to retain her dignity in an already demeaning setting.

Our Gowns

We select the fabrics and patterns carefully to make sure they are not see through as our main criteria is that the gowns be modest.The fabrics are 50% cotton and 50% Dacron. They are non-creasingand are comfortable to sleep in. In addition, they are easy to maintain (washing and removal of stains).>

Our gowns have long sleeves and come down to the ankle. They areoverlapping in the back with a tie and snaps all the way down. Besides being tznius, we have found they lift the patient's morale as she feelsrespectableeven during the most difficult illnesses. Even the doctors and nurses comment on the difference in how a patient acts when she feels presentable!

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